Fed Up with Rebuilding PowerPoint? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Are you willing to up skills your presentation skills? Lack of presentation skills could lead to low productivity and ROIs.

Most of us must have suffered through horrible slideshows with long lists of unreadable bullets, pixelated clip art delivered by a speaker who constantly turns away from the audience so they can read from the screen. Whatever the purpose is for the presentation, it’s about your purpose or message.

If you’ve ever struggled in creating interesting slides or worry your slides are too wordy or you have too many of them, join the free webinar by NetCom Learning and learn how to create effective corporate PowerPoint presentations without re-takes.

Keeping Track of Training for Employees

Knowledgable and sufficiently engaged employees are key to a flourishing business. Focusing on employee development and regularly training your employees are also highly effective ways to ensure employee satisfaction.

87% of millennials regarded development and training opportunities as essential job attributes. For 66%, learning and growth opportunities are deciding factors while applying for a job.

Companies must adapt to fast-paced changes. Evolving technologies and skillsets demand all growth-oriented organizations to make employee training their top strategic priority.

In the US, up to 20% of employees leave their jobs within 45 days. Almost 40% of employees leave their new jobs within 12 months when the training they receive is insufficient. Organizations with less than a hundred employees spent merely 12 minutes on manager training every six months. The ones with more than a hundred employees spent only 6 minutes.

According to 83% of executives, transforming learning, and improving employee careers are two vital aspects. 56% of HR Managers considered training and development as an essential requirement for business growth.

Investments in training and employees development contribute to the overall success of an organization. Undoubtedly, to manage competition and stay relevant, organizations now realize the benefits of continually training their workforce. At the same time, it is also necessary to track employee training.

Let’s look at the benefits of training, why you must keep track of training for your employees, and how you can do it. We’ll briefly go through some training and development strategies. We’ll also understand how NetCom Learning could play a crucial role in addressing all your training and development needs.

Training for Employees

  • Provides a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Creates a backup and ensures you are never short of capable employees.
  • Leads to improved employee satisfaction and promotion opportunities.
  • Reduces shortcomings and increases productivity.
  • Helps to retain employees and attract the best resources.
  • Enables latest technology implementation.

Tracking Employees Training

Organizations must track their employees training.

  • Businesses spend a considerable amount on hiring, on boarding, and training new employees. If an employee leaves because he or she did not receive the desired training, it adversely influences the bottom line.
  • knowing which of your employees have been trained and how many are still untrained can help you better organize your training efforts.
  • Tracking training also lets you function safely and legally. It holds true, especially for regulated industries where non-compliance can have serious consequences.

How to Keep Track of Training for Your Employees?

One of the most widely used techniques for keeping track of training for your employees is LMS- Learning management system.

  • It systematically manages the training implementation schedule.
  • Keeps track of results and completion dates.
  • Manages your employees’ certifications and licenses.
  • Monitors learning goals progress.
  • Tracks skills update requirements.

If convenient, you may also use MS Excel spreadsheets, emails, and other tools.

Training and Development Strategies

  • Defining performance metrics.
  • Creating employee development plans.
  • Investing in employee development activities.
  • Tailored training methodologies ranging from in-person to online training.

Why NetCom Learning?

  • It is a globally admired IT/business training solutions provider.
  • Provides best-in-class certification training courses in customized schedules.
  • Offers 3,500+ courses under 9 Practice Areas (Cloud, Technology, Security, Data & AI, Design & Multimedia, Business Application, Business Skills, Application Development, Business Process).
  • Proven track record of serving more than 80% of Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Experience of training over 100,000 professionals across the world.
  • Lets you choose from a variety of learning modes such as classroom training, onsite, e-learning, private/ public/ group, and instructor-led options.
  • Get private training delivered at your or their facility.
  • Convenient scheduling for your teams.
  • Choose from the morning, afternoon, night, or weekend solutions.
  • 1-hour to 10-hour-day boot camp style training.
  • Live online capabilities, custom content.
  • Supplementary solutions: e-Learning, quick reference cards, learning videos, and hosted webinars.

Visit www.NetComLearning.com, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter profiles for more details.

Sources: Gallup, Deloitte, HR Professionals Magazine, Middlesex University’s Institute for Work Based Learning.

Which Java Certification course should I do?

Programming is essential in this digital age to enhance the power of the internet and computers. It speeds up both the output and input processes of machines. Programming languages can communicate with computers in a systematic manner. In this era, every device can be linked to the cloud via a programming language. With the help of these languages, programmers can instruct different computer functions. According to research from The Cloud Foundry Foundation, programming languages such as R and Python have seen immense growth; however, Java and JavaScript remain prominent.

“More than 3 billion devices run Java! Well-trained, highly skilled Java professionals are in demand.”www.education.oracle.com

Java: The Programming Language

Let’s understand what Java is? and Java Certification. We will also explain why Java Certification Training Classes Online could be helpful for you.

Java can be described as a high level and general-purpose programming language. It was originally designed for developing various programs for handheld devices and set-top boxes; however, later it became a go-to language for creating web applications. Java is class-based and concurrent. It is an object-oriented programming language.

Java programming language is easy to use, write, compile, debug, and learn as compared to other languages. You get higher cross-functionality and portability. It is extremely popular at the enterprise, embedded and network levels with a large active user community.

Java Certifications: Levels, Certifications & Cost

Oracle Java Certification exams are offered online. Some of them are conducted at approved testing sites.

Oracle’s Java Certification Path has the following levels:
• Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
• Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
• Oracle Certified Expert (OCE)
• Oracle Certified Master (OCM)

Every Java certification has multiple versions of the same certification for Java SE or Java EE categories.

Java Certifications can be divided in 3 categories:

• Java SE (Standard Edition)
• Java EE (Enterprise Edition)
• Java ME (Micro Edition)

Java SE (Standard Edition): SE certifications converge on the Standard Edition (SE) software and Java Platform. They provide capabilities in programming fundamentals and developing, determining and performing code using the Java platform.

Three levels: Associate, Professional, and Master. An associate certification must be achieved before preparing for the professional and master levels.


• Java Foundations Certified Junior Associate. (novice-level certification)
• Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer.
• Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer.
• Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 5/SE 6.
• Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer.
• Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer. (upgrade from Java SE 6 and all prior versions)
• Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer. (upgrade from Java SE 7)
• Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer.
• Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer. (upgrade)
• Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer.
• Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer. (upgrade)
• Oracle Certified Master, Java SE 6 Developer.

Java EE (Enterprise Edition): These certifications prove an individual’s understanding of Java’s Enterprise Edition platform for the development for business applications. They also prove your ability to achieve Java application extension at an organizational level.

• Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Certified Master.
• Java (EE) Enterprise Architect Certified Master Assignment.
• Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Java Server Faces Developer.
• Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer.
• Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Services Developer.
• Oracle Certified Expert, EE 6 Java Persistence API Developer.
• Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer.

Java ME (Micro Edition): This certification is for those who are willing to demonstrate their expertise of Java Platform, Micro Edition (ME). It is suitable for those who use Java to produce applications for smartphones and mobile devices. Individuals must have a general programming certification before applying for Java ME certification.


The Oracle Certified Professional, Java ME 1 Mobile Application Developer certification.

Java Certification Cost: Oracle Java Certification prices vary from country to country. They depend on the country you are planning to take it from and the exam code.

Example: Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer with code 1Z0-808, costs $245 in the USA, and €212 in Europe.

Certification specific costs can be viewed at Oracle University Portal. One of the convenient options is to go through the online Java Certification Training classes.

Which one is right for you?

Oracle Java Certifications can help you with better job, promotion and financial opportunities while validating your skills and knowledge of the technology. Many employers value the contribution and need for Java certified professionals.

Which certification to do could depend on multiple factors such as your present job requirements, your career goals, your current certification status and what you want to focus on.

The basic Java certification is appropriate for those who are new to this programming language. It helps you to understand and articulate the language of the technology industry.

Therefore, depending on your specific need, you may choose a suitable Java Certification.

Getting Acquainted with All New Microsoft System Center 2019

Get introduction to the latest enhancements and updates to the all new Microsoft System Center 2019.

Data is critical to all organizations operating in highly competitive environments. Due to a continuing shift towards cloud computing and digital transformation, more data is getting generated by every passing hour. Therefore, it is necessary for organizations to focus on their data center needs. That’s where System Center 2019 plays an important role.

Microsoft System Center is being used for a long time. It is a suite of system management solutions that help you effectively manage business infrastructure and virtualized software-defined datacenters for improved performance and agility. After the last release in 2016, this year Microsoft has released a new version of System Center, called System Center 2019.

This blog explains why Microsoft introduced a new system center and the new features it brings. We will also understand how Microsoft System Center Manager Training Courses from NetCom Learning can help you gain the necessary skills to deploy, configure, administer, and manage cloud data centers.

Microsoft System Center 2019: The “Why” Part

Microsoft has been aiming for hybrid concurrence between on-premises workloads, and Microsoft Azure housed workloads. The goal was, and is, to ensure a seamless blend of resources from a System Center and management point of view.

The launch of System Center 2019 has undoubtedly tried to address these purposes.

Microsoft System Center 2019: The Improvements

Microsoft System Center 2019 Updates
Microsoft System Center 2019

Microsoft System Center 2019 can be described as the future of System Center. The following improvements have been made:

Virtual Machine Manager 2019: The VMM 2019 Enhancements

  • Storage Optimization – The existing feature called Dynamic Optimization checks the load on cluster hosts and moves VMs to another host. With VMM 2019, it also optimizes usage of CSV.
  • Storage Health – Now the VMM can also identify storage, hardware failures and detect issues with Storage Spaces Direct clusters.
  • Storage Spaces Direct Clusters Upgrade – The 2019 version automatically upgrades S2D clusters based on Windows Server 2016 to Windows Server 2019.
  • Admin Role – A new role called VM Admin Role has been provided. It allows access to manage the VMs and read-only access to the fabric.
  • Virtual Network Encryption support – SDN in new Windows Server supports Virtual Network Encryption.
Virtual Machine Manager 2019
Virtual Machine Manager 2019

2. Operations Manager 2019:  The SCOM 2019 Enhancements

  • Hybrid – SCOM 2019 has an improved Azure Management Pack and integration with Azure Service Map.
  • Improved HTML5 Dashboards – The new SCOM is fully HTML5. It has better browser support and extensibility for third parties. It also has faster resolutions and inline actions.
  • The new version has Linux log file monitoring. It also provides support for OpenSSL 1.1.0 for Linux platforms.
  • Alert Management & Enhanced Notifications – Rich HTML email notifications for customization of notification emails and improved criteria builder. SCOM 2019 comes with enhanced agent-less alerting and certificate validation for web application monitoring.

3. Data Protection Manager 2019: 2019 Enhancements

  • Supports New Versions of Windows Server and SQL Server- DPM 2019 supports new releases like Windows Server 2019 and SQL Server 2017.
  • VMware to Tape Backup – DPM 2019 supports backing up of VMware VMs to tapes for long-term retention.
  • Modern Backup Storage – To enhance the reliability and performance of backup storage, a couple of improvements have been made regarding DPM’s modern backup storage handling capabilities.
  • Flexibility to Recover from Azure – DPM 2019 now allows you to restore workloads from Azure.
  • Improved Reporting and Monitoring – System Center 2019 provides integration of DPM servers connected to Azure Backup, Log Analytics or PowerBI.

4. System Center Configuration Manager 2019: Updates

  • SCCM supports patching scenarios enabled for VMs and servers.
  • The current branch releases align with Office and Windows.
  • Cadence stays 3x per year.

5. System Center Orchestrator 2019 and SMA: The Orchestrator 2019 version updates

  • SQL Server 2017, TLS 1.2, PowerShell v4 and higher have System Center 2019 Orchestrator support.
  • Orchestrator has 64-bit support.

6. System Center Service Manager 2019: Updates

  • SQL Server 2017 and TLS 1.2 have New System Center Service Manager support.
  • It has AD Connector improvements and improved UI responsiveness.

Why NetCom Learning?

Netcom Learning is an established Microsoft Training partner, with 21 years of industry experience in managing all aspects of organizational learnings. We specialize in delivering Microsoft learning solutions and certifications to individual users, corporate customers, and various governments.

One can also explore our Microsoft – Technical Training Courses & Certifications and Microsoft System Center Manager Certification Training Courses.

NetCom Learning is a premier training provider with an experienced and certified team of professionals to train you with expert guidance and hands-on labs addressing the entire suite. A successful MS System Center Certification will ensure that your skills are recognized across the globe.

We offer our training courses in various learning modes, such as classroom, online, on-site, public, private, group, and blended learning solutions.

Making a Career in Network Administration with CompTIA Network+

Aspiring to become a Network administrator? Learn how CompTIA Network+ Certification can help.

What is CompTIA Network+?

CompTIA Network+ is a mid-level certification designed to validate the knowledge of a network technician. This certification teaches the trainee to design and implement functional networks, configure, manage, and maintain essential network devices. One learns how to use devices such as switches and routers. This also teaches to create resilient networks. To identify the benefits and drawbacks of existing network configurations. Deal with the troubleshoot network problems.

The Network+ certification will enable you to work on multiple platforms as it is vendor neutral.  As a Network+ technician you will be able to work in most types of the functions and multiple functions. CompTIA Network+ certification teaches professionals the skills they need to figure out problems and troubleshoot solutions this skill can be applied to any IT position.

CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam

CompTIA Network+ certification exam is tricky and difficult. One needs appropriate guidance and preparation to easily clear the exam in the first attempt. CompTIA Network+ Certification exam has which are situational and identification types of questions. The exams are open to anyone. Still, there will be an added advantage for those with 18 months of experience as a network technician. Anyone with a CompTIA A+ certification or equivalent knowledge would find the preparation for this exam easier.

The Network+ exam test the networking ability of a technician. A good technician has to support the network. He should be able to do this by taking care of all the troubleshoots of the network and also install whatever is necessary and maintaining the network in its proper condition. The tests check the technician understands of the various aspects of networking technologies. It also tests knowledge of the examinee regarding the network components. Once the certification is cleared there will be a wide scope of opening for the person.

CompTIA Network+: Job Opportunities

CompTIA Network+ Certified professionals are high in demand and can kick-start their IT career easily with these following domains:

Even though it is the most obvious carrier choice, it has a lot of opportunities for improvement and advancement.  The certification will help you with many vendor-specific certifications are there in the market. The role of a technician would involve troubleshooting network issues and installing equipment in the network.

Security Specialist :
One of the fastest growing fields with networking is security. Networking is an integral part of information security. To be a proficient information security specialist one has to gain good network knowledge.

Network Administrator:
Although there are specific training available for the role of an administrator still one can get this role with some experience in hand. The role of the administrator is to manage day-to-day network issues, maintaining the quality of service throughout the network, to resolve any troubleshooting issues. The whole burden of any issues with the network is on the administrator. The role is well paid by any company.

Government Jobs: 
The CompTIA Network+ certification is in full compliance with the Department of Defence and other federal requirements, hence enabling the company to obtain government contracts.

The certification will help you get higher up on the corporate ladder. One has the skills to figure out problems and troubleshoot solutions. One can work on the integration of systems of the company. The Certification ensures your employer that you have mastered a variety of skills related to networks. You will be prepared to handle even the hardest tasks and situations.

Having CompTIA network+ Certification will enable the employees to be able to work with several different software applications and network types easily. This will make you adapt faster to the changes the company wants to implement.

The career options and most in-demand job roles for the CompTIA Network+ certified people are,

  • Network Engineer Systems Engineer (Computer Networking/IT)
  • Desktop Support Engineer System Administrator,
  • Computer / Network,
  • Network Administrator,
  • Technical Support Engineer,
  • Systems Administrator

Preparing for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam

One has to prepare for the CompTIA Network+ N10 007 certification. As you prepare for the CompTIA’s N10-007 Network certification exam, you will learn how to configure, manage, secure, and troubleshoot both wired and wireless networks. CompTIA Network+ (N10-006) certification exam has been discarded with and a newly revised version of the same has been introduced as CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) Certification.

The CompTIA Network+ Certification Training is a very extensive learning option for Network+ aspirants. You can enroll in a training class, choose your training delivery option and schedule, gain practical knowledge, and deliver it in the exam.


CompTIA Network+ is the most sought-after certification in the IT field. It gives an edge over the non-certified peers. The certification validates the knowledge of an individual in designing; configuring and managing troubleshoot of any wired and wireless networks. Thus it will enable an organization to have a smooth network connection and trouble-free communication leading to smooth and efficient working operations with higher ROI.

Also, Read : Upscale Your IT Career With CompTIA Certifications

How Training Your Employees for CISSP Certification Can Help Secure your Organization

Learn how CISSP training and certification can help secure your organization data.

The world is online and so does the threats, and therefore, its very essential to properly plan, implement, and monitor your organization’s information to protect your data from a security breach.

2018 has been a year of breaches; there were more than 53,000incidents and 2,216 confirmed data hacks. In April, Saks, Lord & Taylor suffered a major loss when the credit card details of five million users got exposed in a data hack.

Moreover, one of the biggest hacks, the Facebook breach, where more than 87 million records were tattered by Cambridge Analyticahappened in 2018. 

Every organization is at risk, but some extra precaution can save your organization’s data from getting hacked.  Getting your employees CISSP certified can give your organization the enhanced data security and integrity both within and outside the organization.

What is CISSP Certification?

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification is the gold standard defined by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium. CISSP, the most valued InfoSec certification, validates your employee’s skills in identifying risks, managing vulnerabilities, and defining procedures and policies.

To earn the CISSP certification, the professionals need to clear only one Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam. This certification exam focuses on 8 major security CISSP domains of the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) as mentioned below:

  • Security and Risk Management
  • Asset Security
  • Security Engineering
  • Communication and Network Security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security Assessment and Testing
  • Security Operations
  • Software Development Security

Eligibility Requirements to Become CISSP Certified

To be eligible for the CISSP exam, your employees should have 5 years of full-time working experience in two of the CISSP domains and a four-year college degree or equivalent.

The CISSP certification is beneficial for those professionals who are working as IT professionals, security policy writers, information security officers, managers, privacy officers, security device administrators, security engineers, and information security officers.

What are the Benefits of CISSP Certification?

CISSP is a universally recognized and immensely popular certification which demonstrates your employees’ capabilities in cloud data security, cloud architecture and design, and security application. CISSP certified professionals help in protecting your organization’s information, builds credibility, and foster trust.

By training CISSP training to your employees, you can reduce thepotential cybersecurity risks. Certified employees know how to protect the confidential business information, analyze risk, stay aware of hackers’ strategies, and determine the weakest points of your business network.

After earning the CISSP certification, your employees can work as Chief Information Security Manager, IT Network Admin, Security Auditor, Security Analyst, Network Architect, Security Consultant, Security Systems Engineer, IT Manager/Director, or Security Architect in your organization.

NetComLearning – The Best Choice for CISSP Training

NetCom Learning is a prominent International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium authorized leading partner with a proven record of providing wide-range of information security training worldwide. NetCom Learning offers an extensive range of CISSP training courses and learning modes including classroom, on-site, custom blends, and online to help your employees clear the CISSP certification successfully.


When it comes to security professionals and organizations that are looking for a way to enhance their business’ security, CISSP is the key. CISSP certified professionals can bring tremendous benefits to your organization by helping you protect your information and assets. CISSP training from NetCom Learning will provide your employees the knowledge and skills to get through CISSP certification exam.

Make your Business Secure with Microsoft Windows IT Pro Certifications

Learn how Microsoft Windows certified employees can help secure your business.

Microsoft Windows, a feature-rich and easy to use Operating System, is one of the most widely used operating systems across the globe. Windows 10 is the most recent version produced by Microsoft as a part of operating systems’Windows NT family.  Windows 10, a series of personal computer operating systems is the successor of Windows 8.1. The most notable feature of Windows 10 is its support for universal apps. Universal apps are an expansion of the Metro-style apps and it can be designed to run through diverse Microsoft products such as smartphones, PCs, Xbox One, tablets, embedded systems, Mixed Reality, and Surface Hub.

According to the statistics reported by NetMarketShare, Windows 10holds 37.80% market share and is installed on around 700 million devices. Windows 10 is growing rapidly, and it is used almost at all business levels. having windows certified professional in your organization can empower you to effectively install, configure, and troubleshoot operating system issues related to maintenance and operability.

Net Market Share

Microsoft Windows Certification

Microsoft offers the following two Windows certification:

1. Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Windows 10 Certification

MCSA Windows 10 certification is an entry-level certification which validates your employees’ skills in configuring and managing devices running Windows 10. This certification confirms that your employees have the ability to plan desktop and device deployments, configure networking and storage, and manage identity, remote access, updates, data access and protection, and apps. To attain MCSA: Windows 10 certification, the employees will have to clear the following two exams:

  • 70-697: Configuring Windows Devices
  • 70-698: Installing and Configuring Windows 10

2. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Mobility certification

MCSE Mobility is an expert level certification which validates your employees’ skills to manage devices in a bring-your-own-device(BYOD) enterprise. To earn this certification, you will have to first earn the MCSE certification and then clear one of the following exams:

  • 70-398: Planning for and Managing Devices in the Enterprise
  • 70-695: Deploying Windows Desktops andEnterprise Applications
  • 70-703: Administering Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Cloud Services Integration

Microsoft Windows 10 Certification Benefits

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most secure operating system ever. It is equipped with some of the great security features which keep your data, users, and devices protected. Microsoft Windows certified employees can secure your organization by implementing the Windows10 security features in your business. After earning the windows certification, your employees can easily install and configure Windows devices, manage data access and security, manage Windows 10 sign-in and identity processes, manage user profiles and User State Virtualization, and troubleshoot and recover data.

Why NetCom Learning?

NetCom Learning is a leading training provider with a proven record of delivering high-end professional training customized schedules to improve your employees’ skills in Windows 10. NetComLearning offers a wide variety of Windows certification courses to help your employees master the Windows10 and other versions, few of the courses are:


Windows 10 enhances your organization’s security, increases the productivity of your employees, and makes your business scalable and affordable. These benefits can only be achieved after a comprehensive practical exposure on Microsoft Windows OS, for which you must provide Windows OS training to your employees from NetCom Learning. Microsoft Windows certification course will help your employees in qualifying the MCSA and MCSE Windows certification exam.

Best AutoCAD Shortcuts to Save Time and Enhance Productivity: Part II

Learn the the best AutoCAD shortcuts that can help you improve your productivity.

In our previous post, we described some of the most useful AutoCAD commands that contribute to enhancing your productivity while saving on your effort and time in designing and drafting a product model.

This article explains some more tools and commands from Autodesk AutoCAD to help you learn more AutoCAD functionalities.

QSELECTHelps to quickly select objects as per the specified filters, these are- colors, line type and layers
MLINECreates multiple parallel lines
MLEDITHelps editing multiple parallel lines
MULTIPLERepeats the next command until you cancel it using (Esc) key
MVSETUPHelps you define the drawing layout
RECOVERRecovers a damaged file
RENDERCreates a render of the current model
REVOLVECreates revolved solids (3D) by rotating 2D objects around a user-defined axis
RULESURFCreates a surface to join two already defined curves
QDIMCreates the dimension for the selected objects
QLEADERCreate a leader and leader annotation
QSAVEEnables auto-save the files similar to SAVEAS command, It is very useful in situations when AutoCAD suddenly stops working and does not give any time to the user save the file.
SKETCHCreates a series of freehand drawing segments
SPELLHelps checking the spellings in texts using the language settings from your current operating system (not AutoCAD)
SUBTRACTCreates a region from a solid, surface, or region by subtraction
TABLETCalibrates and configures a tablet or Wacom
TIMEDisplays details for the current file in use such as date of creation, last update, or edit
Once interrupted, the stopwatch can be activated or deactivated.
SAVEALLAutomatically saves all the drawings currently in-process
SHOWMATDisplays a set of information for a selected object including line thickness, color, dimensions, radius, and area
USame as Ctrl + Z, undoes the most recent operation
UNDEFINEDeletes an AutoCAD command
To reverse your action, REDEFINE the command.
DIMBASELINEHelps to create a linear, angular or coordinate dimension, starting from a baseline of an earlier dimension
DIMRADIUSCreates a radius dimension for circles and arcs
This command is quite different from DIMANGULAR and DIMBASELINE.
DIMTEDITAllows you to edit the text location of existing dimensions
BURSTExplodes a block or an object while retaining its attributes
CHSPACEHelps in moving objects from the layout to the model and vice versa
In this process, the objects are scaled automatically in the new space.
CLOSEALLCloses all open windows

Though most of the useful commands have been described in this and previous post, it is recommended to learn AutoCAD skills from professional trainers. You can register for Autodesk AutoCAD training and certification courses with an authorized training partner. Comprehensive AutoCAD training can help you gain the proficiency in the entire CAD application.

Best AutoCAD Shortcuts to Save Time and Enhance Productivity: Part I

Learn the best AutoCAD shortcuts to enhance your productivity.


AutoCAD, was the first of its kind and one of the most useful computer-aided design and drafting software that helps designers, engineers, and architects to design and develop with utter precision and accuracy. It was one of the revolutionary design practice and tool that outsmarted the paper drawing practice.

You can effortlessly master the best practices, tips, and tricks of AutoCAD through professional AutoCAD training classes. We recommend you register for Autodesk AutoCAD certification training that explains the best techniques to explore and use various automated tools for effective computer aided product designs.

Since designing on CAD is a time taking process and requires a lot of effort and time, here are few AutoCAD commands that can help you escalate the process:

VPORTSManages AutoCAD windows for 2D and 3D models
XLINECreates an infinite line
3DSOUTExports a file compatible with 3D Studio, or .3ds format
BMPOUTGenerates a bitmap image (.bmp) after selecting a series of objects, surfaces, or regions
BOXCreates 3D box, defining appropriate height, width and depth
APPLOADDefines the applications to be auto-loaded as AutoCAD starts
AREACalculates the area and perimeter of a defined and selected object or a surface vertex by vertex
BACKGROUNDHelps to choose the background image for the work areaThe image selected can be a solid single color, a gradual color in gradient, or a simple image.
COLORAllows choosing the layer color for future objects, lines, and surfaces
DIMALIGNEDCreates the dimension aligned with an axis or a line
DIMANGULARCreates the dimension aligned with an arc or a circle
LIGHTDeals with lights and lighting effects on 3D models
LINETYPEHelps to create, organize, and select various types of lines
MATLIBHelps to import and export various elements from and to a library
EDGESURFCreates a 3D polygonal mesh
EXPLODEBreaks up an object or block into each of its individual components
IDDisplays the coordinates of any point on the worksheet
OOPSRestores the most recently deleted itemsOOPS command cannot be used after PURGE.
OVERKILLCleans up the drawings It goes over the entire model and deletes any duplicate or overlapping items.
PAGESETUPHelps to specify the page layout, plotting device, paper size, and other settings for each new layout
PFACECreates a 3D mesh vertex by vertex
PREVIEWLet’s you see how the drawing will look after printing or sent to a plotterBefore this is done, the layout of the page (PAGE SETUP) needs to be set.
PURGERemoves the unused objects in the current drawing using a series of filters- blocks, layers, materials, the thickness of lines, texts, etc.

We will bring you some more useful AutoCAD commands to grease your wheels in product drafting and design in our next post.

A range of AutoCAD certifications are provided by eminent Autodesk learning partners that can help you gain professional AutoCAD skills in the USA and worldwide. AutoCAD training and certification courses are the most sought-after in almost all industry domains and reflect an immense pool of opportunity.

Enroll now with a professional training company to learn about AutoCAD and its extensive toolset.

Advancing Your Career with CompTIA A+: A Glimpse of Benefits and Salary

Understand how you can leverage CompTIA A+ certification for advancing your IT career.


In today’s time, when we are totally dependent on technology for everything from personal needs to business expectations, it is also important that we remain assured of its safety. Professionals who deal with securing personal and organizational data online are called information security professionals. These professionals implement a set of strategies that help manage a set of processes, tools, and strategies to prevent, detect and eliminate threats to any digital or non-digital information.

Information security or infosec also remains a hot career option, as security professions are in great demand all across the US and the world. With the rising number of data breaches and looming security threats, there is high demand for capable professionals to take up the job. You can set foot in the industry with a right certification and some minimum experience. The career ahead is ever growing and rewarding. As you continue learning about new technologies and industrial updates, your personal and professional reach continues to multifold. In this article, we shall talk about the CompTIA A plus certification and the career opportunities it brings.

Introduction to CompTIA A+

The A+ certification offered by CompTIA is an entry-level certificate. It is designed for professionals who wish to make an entry into information security. The certification is offered by CompTIA, a leading and recognized name in the field of information security. This certification course validates the learner’s understanding of the most common hardware and software technologies in business. It also certifies the skills that are necessary to support complex IT infrastructures.

Benefits of A+ certification

The A+ certification is a stepping stone in the field of information security and allows one to begin working as a computer repair professional, or in the role of tech support. Further learning in this domain can help with more advances in the career.

The certificate also allows you to study higher course offerings by CompTIA. For instance. After your successful completion of A+, you could move on to qualify CompTIA Security+, and gain better career opportunities. Also, there are additional benefits of the certification. Since it is a globally accepted certification, a suitable position in any company can be taken anywhere across the world. The A+ is also approved by the Department of Defense as meeting the requirements of directive 8140/8570.01-M.

Salary Offerings for A+

The salary offerings for the A+ certified professional depends on a number of factors, these include geographic locations, the job roles and the kind of organization. The average US salary for A+ certified professionals varies in between $38,248 to $74,186. Here are some filtered statistics that might help you with better understanding.


Like all jobs, there is also variation in salary by job roles and designation:


Getting A+ certified

Going for a CompTIA A+ online training can help you in developing the required security skill sets. Earning the certification is an excellent way to break into the infosec industry. A certification can help you shine among all applicants and land on better payoffs.

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