10 Skype For Business Masterstrokes You Must Know


The technological innovations have changed our lives and our communication ways drastically. Telephony and communication are just not confined to merely making and receiving calls. Microsoft Skype for Business, offers a powerful business communication platform empowering the user to share files, have quick chats, initiate a voice call and video conferencing and schedule meetings in the business organizations. Microsoft Skype for Business a part of Office 365 suite and is widely popular for its rich communication features and toolsets worldwide. The immense adoption of Skype for Business helped businesses creating efficient, intuitive and digital workplaces beyond all geographical boundaries.

The Skype For Business Masterstrokes

To optimize and use effective communication capabilities and features of Skype for Business, you must learn the masterstrokes through the mentioned shortcuts.

  1. Reduce the Background Noise: Skype for Business allows you to seamlessly schedule and make a business call allowing many participants to attend the same. To avoid and reduce noise in the background, you can toggle to mute and unmute your Skype for Business for that call using Windows+F4 keyboard shortcut.
  2. To Take Control While Presenting: When you initiate a presentation or meeting call with Skype for Business and wish to take the control of the meeting as a presenter, CTRL+ALT+Space can be used.
  3. To Stop Screen Sharing: During a Skype call, when your screen is in the shared mode, Ctrl+Shift+S key combinations can be used to stop further sharing of the screen views.
  4. To View Skype Downloads: Skype for Business allows you to share the files instantly over the chat window using ALT+P to open and view the received files.
  5. To Save the Downloads: You can use ALT+S to open the Save As dialog box and save your skype downloads in specific format/ name/ location.
  6. To Save IM Content: Skype content can be easily archived in Outlook by using CTRL+S. It helps you to keep a track of business conversations and refer to it, as and when required.
  7. To Make a Quick Call on Chat: You can use CTRL+Enter as a shortcut key to quickly convey your thoughts over a quick call rather than typing on chat.
  8. To Close Chat Window: To put off the current conversation window, you can use ALT+F4.
  9. To Toggle the Camera On/Off Mode: You can turn your device camera on and off during a business call by using Windows+F5.
  10. To Accept an Incoming Invite: To accept a call invite instantly and join a call, use Windows+Shift+O.


Knowing and practicing these masterstrokes with quick keyboard shortcuts helps you fastening the regular Skype functions. You can acquire a detailed understanding of various other functionalities and aspects with Microsoft Skype for Business training and certification courses and enhance your proficiency not only on the user front but also on the technical aspects including installing, configuring and troubleshooting. Choosing right training courses mapped with Microsoft Skype for Business certifications from Microsoft renowned training partner can help you acquire hands-on experience to leverage various futuristic communication capabilities of this robust application. You can choose to take classroom or online instructor-led classes for beginners or advanced level Microsoft Skype for Business courses based on the flexibility of your work schedules and convenience.

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